Thurian Adventures


After dusting themselves off and taking time to rest and recover what do our intrepid band do?

Yuri – got in touch with his spiritual side and pondered the lessons learned in dealing with Spirits.
Gedax – got in touch with his Greatsword and the subtlety of Hyborian enunciation
Borzak – playing with Knives and shop keeping.
Aralius – Willing his willpower.
Tyrus – Hugging trees, speaking to bushes and weeds, then grinding them up.
Kara-tai – Sneaking and dodging, as if he was not dodgy enough already.
Osoro – Practising his swordsmanship, as much to his chagrin, he suspects Garcia is the better swordsman
Garcia – Gambling, reading minds and and cutting throats.
Thorin – Lapping up spilt wine.

Argentio had the pieces of ancient statuary, salvaged from the cellar, appraised. It seems that the best prices would be found in Shem or with one of the curios collectors of distant Numalia.

As their ready funds dwindle they must turn their minds to acquiring more funds.



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