Thorin Quickfoot

Aesir Hunter, noted for his endurance and running ability. He Famously outran a whole Pictish warband.




A rather unlucky (some may say unskilled) hunter, Thorin made his way south to make a name for himself and to prove to both himself and his disparaging kin that he was a worthy Aesir.

Thorin has a fear of Sorcery and also a talent to sense its presence.

Hunted on the Pictish shore, Thorin was unnerved by a mere 45 Pictish warriors racing towards him. Thorin showed them a clean pair of heels and earned his new nickname of ‘Quickfoot’.

More recently he has proved his mettle in the fight against the Horrors of the Ghoul city, using his spear skills to good effect.

Thorin Quickfoot

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