Dr Yuri

Young, Civilized Shaman




Yuri is a Messantian Orphan taken in by the Spirit healer, Hanspal. Hanspal was a Vendhyan who practised a mixture of Animism, Eastern Mysticism with a good portion of mummery. You have learned the basics of Hanspals knowledge but unfortunately he died recently from old age with your education incomplete.

At the age of 18 you were conscripted into the Argosean Militia and spent 6 months training as a Marine. Yuri managed to buy my way out of the military by use of healing skills and a little luck.

Character traits -

Essentially a decent character but with a determination never to be poor or go hungry again (Orphan past)

Was treated well by Hanspal but is still viewed as little more than a slave / indentured servant by society and is willing to do most anything to rise in society. (Very touchy about family name / history)

Sold Spolas to help Pay for City Gear. Kept Helm and Marine boots/Greaves as these can be worn under baggy trousers.

Dr Yuri

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