Thurian Adventures



Our plucky band are back safe and sound from their adventures in the Western Ocean and their frolics along the Pictish beaches.

After a few nights emptying the ale barrels at the Saucy Sardine the party staggers into their next escapade when they interfere with a robbery at the Temple of Mitra.


Our Brave adventures stagger out of the Silver Eel tavern, singing a bawdy song. Though the tune is the same, the languages are different. Loudest of all is the voice of ‘Carrot Eye’ who staggers along with two grog bottles grasped in hand.

Swaying up the Street of the Green Temple, the revellers are momentarily startled/confused by two masked and dark cloaked forms that dash past them towards an Alley mouth.

Moments later a cry goes up from an elderly priest who staggers out of the nearby temple of Mitra. ‘Stop them he cries, stop those thieves, by the beard of Mitra someone stop them!’.

Momentarily confused the party hesitate. Dos Santos begins to question the priest as to the value of the stolen item. Karati collapses in a drunken sprawl at the Priest feet and offers him a ‘sup’. Thorin gazes up at the Stars and explains how they are different to his homeland. Gedax and Auralius give chase as best they can.

Dos Santos and Thorin belatedly set off after Gedax and Auralius, who fuelled by alcoholic fever have managed to catch up with the rather short legged thieves. Having caught up with the thieves our two ‘hero’s realise that they are only armed with their daggers. The ‘Thieves’ on the other hand are equipped with rapier and flail respectively. Drawing their weapons they turn to confront their pursuers. Gedax leaps forward to strike with his dagger, while Auralius demands their surrender. Gedax’s dagger thrust is easily parried by the flail wielder and then dagger smashed out of his hand. The second thief laughs at Auralius’s surrender demands and strikes out, slashing her rapier across Auralius’s belly.

‘Back off you stupid dogs’ demands the flail wielder. Both Auralius and Gedax come to their senses and allow the thieves to make their getaway.

One minute after the 5 second fight is over, Dos Santos and Thorin arrive at the alley mouth too late to be of any use. Retrieving their weapons Auralius and Gedax lead Dos Santos and Thorin back to the temple of Mitra.



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