Thurian Adventures

Down in the Cellar

Cellar Messantia

Heaving up the uncovered stone trap door in the Warehouse, our Heroes find a stone lined shaft which drops some 9 meters into darkness. There are some corroded rungs set into the side of the shaft which they use to climb safely down.

Setting out to explore they swiftly uncover 3 rooms. There is debris and broken furniture of an archaic design. There is also a strong smell of urine and what appear to be large rat runs in a wall that has partially collapsed. One room has some twenty inscribed brass rings on a collaped peg board. The party take these, with at least one per person. In one of the rooms there are several massive urns. Two are cracked and empty. One is still sealed. Kara-Tai pushes this one over and it smashes spilling hundreds of bronze mechanism parts onto the filthy floor.


Osoro Charges a Six armed Walking statue…luckily its an Illusion/Warning.

The real Six armed Bronze walking statue turns up and in a trip fest of a fight is battered and chopped to pieces.


Borzak discovers a hidden chamber in which are some interesting items. An amber Orb which glows faintly. A large glass vial containing a clear viscous liquid. Three smaller opaque vials. A box of moist soil.

The soil turns out to contain a powerful nature spirit. The Spirit makes a pact to aid Yuri if he will release it in an appropriate area.

Aralius Falls down a hole into a tar filled pit. This nearly ends his life.

Osoro is possessed by an Obelisk but is subdued by three of his comrades and dragged clear of the Obelisks influence.

Karatai I possessed by the same Obelisk when he does not retreat from its influence. He then shoots Aralius in the arm and nearly takes the arm clean off!

Tyrus then proceeds to beat Karatai with his shield in order to subdue him, while Karatai hacks away with his Scimitar at Tyrus. Tyrus gets lucky and takes Karatai down and drags him from the Obelisks influence.

Aralius and Tyrus retire from the Cellar to tend their multiple wounds. The rest of the group also take a short break to get their wind back.

Garcia joins the ‘explorers’ as the return to the cellar. After some time they open a locked door and open up an unexplored section of the cellar.

Looted Laboratories are found as well as unassembled Bronze six armed statues. Two partially assembled Sixarms are dispatched but not before Garcia has a major artery opened in his leg.
A large chamber is found with a polished mirror set in the floor. Gazing into this mirror, Borzak and Osoro see visions of the past. They see the approach of a barbarian army, Hyborians come to put down the decadent Archeronians. They see the tower of sorcery, in whose lower levels they are now standing. They see the hasty abandonment of the tower. At this point Garcia has to limp out of the Cellar when his leg wound starts to bleed again.

With only three members fit to continue, Our Heroes retreat to rest and recover. Next day with Aralius and Tyrus back on their feet, the two Nemedians with Borzak and Yuri once more enter the cellar. Garcia is still recovering, while Karatai and Gedax choose to go in search of the pleasures of the dockside.

Making their way to the Mirror room the party wait while Aralius and Tyrus try their luck in staring into the mirror. Aralius has a vision of the finding of the Oblelisk by archeronians, before the construction of the tower. Tyrus sees the procession of sacrifices to the obelisk and notes that the obelisk looks bigger and has a trough around its base.

The explorers once again approach the Obelisk room, but this time are all successful in resisting its mind warping power. the quickly dash across the room and go down the passage that slopes down and back under the Obelisk room.

Yuri enters the lower Obelisk room and hundreds of Haunts begin to manifest. These are the remnants of the souls sacrificed to the Obelisk, or those unfortunate enough to die within range of its influence. One of these haunts is the spirit of the man murdered by Aralius. The Haunt flies at the fleeing Aralius and drives an icy spectral dagger into his guts. (Aralius is having a hell of a week) Yuri calls upon the Spirit of Nature with whom he has a pact. The Spirit tears into the haunt and flings it back into the lower obelisk room and proceeds to shred its essence. The Haunt is subdued and the rest of the Haunts are cowed. All bar one. This Haunt speaks to Yuri and implores him to use the tear of Ibis to destroy the Obelisk of set. realising this must be the golden orb that they found earlier Aralius offers this up to the Obelisk.

The Obelisk absorbs the orb and then ominous cracks begins to appear. The cracks quicky spread and the ground begins to shake. Masonry falls from the ceiling and the party have to run for their lives, to escape the collapsing cellar. Chocking on dust the company scrambles from the cellar opening, seconds before floor under their feet slumps and the whole cellar complex collapses

The cellar collapse is soon followed by a groaning of tortured wood as Argentio’s warehouse begins to lean precariously and one more the adventurers are forces to scramble for the exit.



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