Thurian Adventures

City Slickers

Messantia Warehouse Gribbus

Having emerged victorious from the Ghoul forest our heroes deliver Gelmiro and family safely to their new home. With their loot from the ‘Ghoul’ city and a bag of silver from Gelmiro the ‘heroes’ head to the city of Messantia.

After dividing up their loot the party indulge in some R&R. Thorin as usual is not seen for several weeks as he hits the taverns and brothels. Most of the party take up residence in an inn in the drovers area of Messantia.

About a week after arriving Gedax, Kara-tai, Osoro and Balzak get talking to a local youth ‘Yuri’. He is interested in their tales of daring do and impressed by the wealth that the group casually spend on ‘entertainment’. Yuri, having recently lost his employer, persuades the group to take him in on a provisional basis.

with their fund beginning to run low Osoro goes in search of employment. Nothing much is on offer, at least nothing legal that pays well. With some misgivings Osoro takes a job from a an obvious gangster by the name of Quelin.

Things naturally turn out not to be as they seem and the party are set up to confront the City Patrol and to implicate the Merchant Argentio. Wising up to the double cross they set out to find Quelin and seek ‘clarification’. Finding Quelin hiding in a run down tavern, things quickly turn sour when Quelin laughs at Osoro’s attempts at intimidation. Osoro draws his dagger with the intention of ramming it down Quelins laughing throat. However Quelin is no mug and is quicker than Osoro, drawing his own blade and lashing out. Things quickly degenerate into a dangerous all out fight, and just as quickly it ends. The Barkeep has stepped out from behind the bar and with a bellow of ‘No Fighting in my Place’ he shattered Quelins head with a massive blow from his two handed iron banded club. With bits of brain matter, bone and scalp splattered across half the inn our ‘Heroes’ and every other patron choose to make a hasty exit.

As Quelin is now most certainly dead the party go in search of Argentio to see if he can shed any light on why they were set up.

Argentio is helpful and informs the group that Quelin was a henchman of Gribbus the Gross. Gribbus is a feared gang boss in the Dustbiter quarter, and only last week had been trying to ‘pursuade’ Argentio into selling a specific warehouse.

The party accompanied by one of Argentio’s men set out to investigate the warehouse in question. On arrival they find the door unlocked and the Guard missing. Exploring inside the quickly discover intruders. A short scuffle ensues and the intruders are restrained. It seems they were digging up the floor at the back of the warehouse. The warehose guard is found beaten senseless and shoved between some crates. What were the diggers looking for? Hidden drugs? loot? a Corpse? Keen to find out our ‘Heroes’ begin questioning their captives. The captured men are unhelpful, so to show that they mean business Aralius cuts the throat of the assumed leader. Yuri is shocked by this brutality. The two remaining ‘intruders’ admit that Gribbus sent them with instructions to dig up a certain location in the warehouse, but they know no more. They were to report back when they found anything unusual.

The party set to deepening and widening the hole and soon strike something solid. Digging further they uncover ancient stonework and eventually a stone trapdoor. Ooooohhhh!



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