Thurian Adventures

A dance with Degenerates


Our intrepid adventurers having spent six months in Kordava have squandered (in most cases) all their loot and are hired to escort a Merchant, Gelmiro Cardenas, his wife Enderquina and daughter Eva to their new residence in Argos.

Along the way the camp is attacked by a pack of monstrously degenerate humanoids.


A swift battle ensues, the ‘degenerates’ are slaughtered or driven off. Only minor scrapes and scratches are taken by most of our party, though Osoro takes a nasty bite to the leg that subsequently turns an ugly green colour.
A cry of despair and horror goes up from Enderquina when she finds that her daughter Eva is missing.

Now the party must track the degenerates and rescue Eva, Gelmiro is willing to pay handsomely for her safe return.



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